Physiotherapy during coronavirus/COVID19

Physiotherapy is still possible during the coronavirus lock down, with some restrictions. Non urgent cases can be dealt with remotely via video consultation. If you are having your initial assessment, no palpation or specific tests can be done but a lot of information can be gained by watching how someone moves and what movements are [...]

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Golf swing mechanics

An interesting, relatively simple article about correct golf swing mechanics. Too much movement in the lower back rather than the hips and thorax and you can get problems with lower back pain and need to see a physiotherapist. Getting lessons from a golf coach is always useful in conjunction with back or shoulder pain with golf. [...]

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20 years physiotherapy experience

20 years ago this month (August 1994) I finished my undergraduate degree in physiotherapy at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences. It wasn't the most salubrious part of Sydney, next to Rookwood Necropolis, the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere!    

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