Physio First Data for Impact Study – Information Sheet

This physiotherapy practice participates in a national audit called the Physio First Data for Impact study. This project has been commissioned by Physio First (the trade organisation representing Chartered Physiotherapists in Private PracThemestice in the UK) to enable private practitioners to fully understand and quantify the nature, frequency and outcomes of treatments
provided. Participating physiotherapists will ask their patients if they are happy for theirtreatment information (or data) to be included in the audit.

To ensure compliance with GDPR regulation we will only collect data that is necessary toperform the task. The University of Brighton is able to process personal data for the purposes of research using ‘Public Interest’ as it’s legal basis for processing data. For further information,
please see the University’s Privacy notice

What information is collected about patients?

  • General details (including age, gender and occupation)
  • Why physiotherapy is needed (the physiotherapist’s diagnosis of your condition)
  • What treatment was given and the results of the treatment
  • The discharge information (outcome of treatment and goals achieved)

Who collects this information and who will have access to this data?

Your physiotherapist will collect the information and enter it onto a password protected national database which is
held by an independent organisation, the University of Brighton. Whilst your name will be visible to the practitioner on their system, your name will not be transferred across to the University. Instead an automated code (with no identifying information) is created for each patient record.

How is the information used?

The University of Brighton bring together and analyse data from participating physiotherapy practices across the UK. The university send a summary report of the national data to Physio First, and this is also available to the physiotherapist. The national data may also be published in academic journals or presented at physiotherapy conferences however, you will not be identifiable within it.

Can patients refuse to give this information?

Yes. If you don’t want information about your care to be used, you have the right to request that it isn’t. This will not affect the care and
treatment you are given. If you have any questions or concerns about the information collected please discuss this with your physiotherapist.
If you are happy for your information (or data) to be included, please indicate your consent at the end of the questionnaire.

Thank you for reading this information sheet.

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