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At e-physiotherapy we treat a wide range of conditions using a variety of different treatments according to customer need. More information can be found on the treatment and conditions lists, however we recommend coming to see us for a free 10 minute consultation where we can better advise you.

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Neck, shoulder and back pain can be caused by postural weakness, often by sitting with inadequate support or at an unsuitable workstation. Sitting at a desk for many hours a day can gradually cause stiffness, weakness and pain to develop. Manual therapy by a physiotherapist is then required to restore normal movement, reduce pain and improve your postural endurance. Postural training with a physiotherapist is essential to ensure you know how you should sit. Common mistakes when correcting posture are to tense the wrong muscles or over activate the correct postural muscles, causing them to fatigue. Add stress to the equation and the upper trapezius will tense, creating more pain in the neck and shoulders. Postural training will enable the trapezius, serratus anterior and deep neck flexors to work together efficiently to reduce pain and improve posture
Pilates is often helpful for low back, neck and shoulder pain. However, there are a few reasons why i